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Image by Nick Fewings

Ceramic Coating

Transform your beloved car with a fresh ceramic coating from SMA Studio, the best in town! But what is ceramic coating? It's an ultra-durable layer of glass that covers every inch of your vehicle's surface, acting as a barrier between your paint and harmful elements on the road.

Think of it as a sacrificial layer on your car's surface that safeguards the paint and clear coat underneath. This protective layer makes harsh winter ice and snow chemicals easier to remove due to its hydrophobic properties. It also acts as an extra shield against environmental pollutants, tree sap, scratches from road salt, grime, dirt, industrial fallout dust, binding brake dust, and anything else that tries to ruin your car's paint job. Overall, it helps your ride stay cleaner for longer!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a two-year warranty for permanent protection. SMA Studio uses pro-grade 9H ceramic coatings that add incredible levels of depth to the paint, along with reliable water repellency. We apply the coating to the vehicle's paint, glass, plastic trim, glass windows, rims, and even interior leather and fabrics upon request.

For optimal protection and a glossy finish, regular maintenance is crucial for your ceramic coating. We advise washing your car regularly using a hand wash method. It's important to note that tunnel car wash systems can damage the coating and void the warranty. As an SMA Studio customer, you will receive one free maintenance cleaning to ensure the longevity of your ceramic coating. Check out our exterior and interior detailing services for additional options.

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