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About Us

SMA Studio is the go-to source for all your vehicle styling needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality parts and accessories to customize your vehicle and make it look and feel the way you want it. We specialize in car wrapping, which includes full wraps, partial wraps, and custom designs, as well as ceramic coating, waxing, and polishing services to enhance the look and protection of your vehicle. We take pride in offering trustworthy and reliable service, backed by a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. With our top-notch customer service and expertise in vehicle styling, SMA Studio can help take your vehicle to the next level.

Man Cleaning Car

Beyond Your Expectations for Car Detailing

At SMA Studio, our experienced detailers go beyond a typical tunnel wash with our hand wash and wax services. Our in-depth clean removes dirt, stains, and scratches that may have built up over time, leaving your car sparkling clean and looking its absolute best. We also prioritize eco-friendliness with our minimal use of water and biodegradable products, making our car wash not only quality but also environmentally conscious, compared to a tunnel wash that uses significantly more water. We lubricate your car wash without scratching and use brand new microfibers for every wash. Say goodbye to cheap products, harmful chemicals, and waiting in line - choose SMA Studio for our 5-star service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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